Who we are

Robert Archer


Fairouz El Tom

Creative Director

Raised in London, Robert studied philosophy and literature at Cambridge University, and African Studies at the School of Oriental & African Studies. After working for policy and development NGOs for 17 years, between 1997 and 2010 he directed the International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP), an independent think tank in Geneva.


Robert has undertaken research and advocacy on societies from Burundi to the Philippines via Somalia and South Korea, and has edited or written on human rights, development, governance, humanitarian policy, politics, sport, the environment, and health. He wrote the screenplay of  Taba Taba, Madagascar’s first feature film.

Of Swiss and Sudanese descent, Fairouz grew up in Nepal, India, Sudan, the United States and Switzerland and speaks French, English, Arabic and some Spanish.


After graduate studies in international development at Columbia University, NY, she worked with UNICEF in Iraq, the Hague Appeal for Peace, and Family Care International in New York before turning to photography, graphic design and multilingual publishing.


For nine years, she was responsible for the design, production and distribution of  ICHRP’s publications.  She joined Plain Sense in 2012.

“ I am attracted by the challenge of making complex ideas as accessible as possible. ”

“ My first love is photography. I am fascinated by shape, colour and clean design. ”





Plain Sense works closely with experienced designers, translators and printers to deliver additional services as needed.